Call Senator Metzen

**UPDATE 3-19-2009: Thanks to your calls, we have secured a hearing. It will be Wednesday, March 25 in room 123 of the Capitol. GREAT WORK, EVERYONE! **

Call Sen. James Metzen and tell him: “We need you to to have a hearing on the People’s Bailout Bill ASAP.”

Here is his info:
Senator James P. Metzen (DFL) District 39 [West St. Paul down to Inver Grove Heights]
Chair of the Business, Industry and Jobs Committee

The bill number is Senate File 542 and it’s sponsored by Sen. David Tomassoni (D-Chisholm). But you should be fine just saying “the People’s Bailout Bill.” It might also be good to say that we have at least 2 committees to get through after Metzen’s so we need it heard ASAP.

Call today. Then, if we don’t get hearing the next day, do a follow-up call. Repeat as necessary.


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