1992 to 2006

This is a list that we pulled together for our “timeline” in September 2006. Our timeline featured press coverage, photos and fliers etc. to illustrate each of these 332 events, and we pasted the items on long rolls of banner paper. That timeline burned with our office in the Walker Church fire that happened in May 2012.

11/24/1992     March on Governor’s mansion.

1/5/1993         Opening day rally – Say No to Welfare Cuts; Picket for Justice

1/26/1993       Carlson releases state budget with cuts to the poor.

3/1/1993         First WRC newsletter

3/24/1993       Poor People’s Lobby Day. We hunted them down (gave people pictures and said be aggressive. We were).

6/22/1993       Sleepout on the sidewalk at the Mpls YMCA to protest their tearing down affordable housing.

8/10/1993       Protest against Mpls Mayor Fraser. He said “women who have children out of wedlock should not go on the dole.”

9/17/1993       Brought coffins to Hillary Clinton’s speech to protest bad healthcare reform proposal.

10/2/1993       Traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to protest with welfare warriors

10/15/1993     “We Demand Respect” campaign at Hennepin County welfare office. Had phone recording of worker calling welfare recient “asshole.”

10/30/1993     Spooky Halloween party

11/18/1993     “We Demand Respect” campaign – marched to Engstrom’s office. Had to break through cops

12/1/1993       2nd WRC newsletter

1/29/1994       “Survival meeting” at Sabathani. Against welfare cuts and $ for jails.

2/22/1994       Opening day rally – Stop Workfare / Slave Labor. Also, we were pushing our bill to raise the grants! By nearly 50%

3/22/1994       WRC and UOPN members pack a house hearing – crowd the testifiers table, start chanting and shut the hearing down!

4/15/1994       600 person protest. 10 1/2 hours. We set up camp at captiol. 6 did CD. Tent city – banners on tents. Slogans: Down with MN’s welfare reform. Stop Clinton’s attacks on welfare. No slave labor.

6/15/1994       Protest against Clinton – one day after he unveiled plan to “end welfare as we know it.”

6/24/1994       Protested Clinton at $1000 plate fundraising dinner in downtown Minneapolis. Issue was combo of welfare and Haiti. Some arrests.

7/1/1994         Celebration BBQ at Whittier park

7/26/1994       Crashed DHS so-called ‘public hearings’ on welfare reform. They didn’t let us know about it!

8/1/1994         Fought for education in STRIDE program. Hearing at MCC

9/1/1994         Used threat of legal action to get SPRC to give us list of worfare sites

10/1/1994       Sent letter to all orgs doing workfare in Ramsey county, telling them to stop.

10/16/1994     Sent letters to Mpls and Henn County public officials RE parking tickets

11/1/1994       Organizing people to fight ideas like ‘fingerprinting,’ workfare, and Arne Carlson’s idea to get rid of Work readiness.

11/1/1994       Stopped rampant car-ticketing outside Century Plaza. Got writeup in City Pages

11/2/1994       SPRC sent letters to all the non-profits that WE sent letters to (our letters asked the non-profits to stop workfare) – the SPRC was trying to undo our work

11/3/1994       Forced SPRC to give us info that 73% of CWEP slaves were Asian.

11/26/1994     March on Governors mansion. Followed by hot glazed ham dinner.

12/1/1994       Went to RAP board meeting and stopped workfare at RAP

12/16/1994     Protest at Second Harvest Foodbank against their using workfare slave labor.

12/17/1994     Senate public hearing against welfare cuts.

1/1/1995         Delivered a 22-page critique of welfare bil to all the politicians

1/1/1995         Sent at least 23 people to testify against HF1

1/1/1995         Sent survey to legislators

1/3/1995         Opening day protest, where we marched all through the capitol and SOB. Got MPIRG and WWW to sign on. Against HF-1. They did welfare reform as FIRST bill. “Rally For Justice”

1/18/1995       Hundreds of Hmong march to the House Hearing, fight with cops. Against “Hmong Slavery.”

1/26/1995       Sen. Don Samuelson writes a letter to all the Senate Committee members. The letter was in response to a flier we did (partially handwritten) denouncing his bill.

1/26/1995       Shut down Senate hearing by chanting outside.

2/1/1995         2nd capitol protest.

2/1/1995         Protest of Gov Carlson’s budget proposal speech Downtown St. Paul

2/1/1995         Several mobiliziations and letters against Sen. Samuelson. In March,  too

2/13/1995       Anti-Poverty Bill introduced – sponsors Sen. Pappas and Rep. Clark

2/14/1995       “Family Day Rally,” we signed on, but didn’t show up cuz of House Hearing action. So no one was there.

2/14/1995       Mick, Linden and Deb K arrested taking over microphone at house hearing.

2/23/1995       Protest at capitol. Against HF1 and SF5. Also in favor of antipoverty bill. Nine pepole blocked the House Chambers. In CD action.

2/28/1995       Protest against Carlson – “stop him before he cuts again!”

3/1/1995         Forced meeting with state troopers in Governor’s office

3/1/1995         Many groups signed on to protest campaign against capitol cop brutality

3/1/1995         Packed a House hearing.

3/2/1995         Protest outside House Chamber against HF5

4/15/1995       Buried contract on America in front of Republican HQ. It was they day Newt Gingrich brough elephants to Washington D.C.

4/19/1995       A WRC member went on the Oprah! Show

4/19/1995       Mick and Lindens trial for taking over microphone.

4/26/1995       Contact on America protest. March with coffins to Repub HQ. Pinatas of Carlson and Gingrich. Small note: they wanted to get rid of school lunch

5/1/1995         A play featuring Dole, Gingrich, Clinton and Gramms. No idea of the date

5/1/1995         Henn County DID release the names of nonprofits doing workfare.

5/1/1995         MN state Welfare reforem passed. End of Work Readiness

5/1/1995         Sent a letter to all legislators telling them to commmit to not inflicting bodily harm on protesters

5/1/1995         WRC on Melchizedek Society radio show. No idea of the date

5/1/1995         WRC speaks at MCC about education in welfare

5/17/1995       Put out flyer calling for supporters to come to our court trial.

5/22/1995       “Report card” on last day of session

6/1/1995         Dept of Public Safety wrote a letter defending their bad conduct during arrests

6/21/1995       Protest Clinton at Peavy Plaza, followed by march to federal building. Focus was attacks on immigrants and refugees.

6/27/1995       SPRC wrote letter saying they wouldn’t release names of non-profits doing workfare in Ramsey County

7/1/1995         WRC celebraton meeting – we moved into Sabathani

7/24/1995       Benefit for WRC by Pokonoes band at Fernandos

8/23/1995       Proteste at Peavy Plaza and federal building, where we demanded a veto

9/7/1995         Form letter from Phil Gramm ‘thanking’ us for busting up his campaign event.

9/11/1995       North Mpls community meeting

9/12/1995       Protest at Mpls Federal building.

9/19/1995       McDonough community meeting

9/21/1995       Protest at Mpls Federal building against US Senate passing welfare reform. Demanded a Clinton veto.

10/19/1995     Protest outside DFL Headquarters. Forced their dirctors to send a fax to MN Fed. Politicins with our demands.

10/20/1995     Angry letter to DHS about their ‘redesigning welfare’ meetings.

10/30/1995     Letter from Bruce Vento responding to fax we forced DFL folks to send

11/1/1995       Letter from Hmong members to President Clinton

11/1/1995       National campaign to demad a Veto

12/1/1995       Community Forum at Sabathani

12/20/1995     Press conference and protest at State Capitol Christmas Tree.

1/1/1996         Clinton vetoed ONE of the welfare reform bills – NO IDEA OF DATE

1/1/1996         Protest against Arne Carlson, “servant of greed,” at SOS state in front of Chamber of Commerce at suburban hotel

1/11/1996       North Mpls community meeting

1/16/1996       Opening Day rally.

1/19/1996       MLK day action

1/29/1996       32 testifiers at Senate hearing

2/1/1996         Protest against more welfare bashing bills

2/1/1996         We stopped fingerprinting and sterilization of welfare recipients. We stopped the idea to deny AFDC to mothers for 5-years after they leave prison, and a two-year limit

2/26/1996       36-person CD at state capitol. Banged on pans for 6+ hours. Shut down all the hearings. Was this really the year? I thought it was 1997??

3/7/1996         Statewide rally – MOD-Squad from duluth, Women for change, Winona, Feminist single moms of Mankato.

3/29/1996       Stood outside house chambers with giant checks comparing AFDC yearly income to governor’s yearly income. $6314 vs. $114,506. Brought checks to Governor’s office.

4/1/1996         Deb K was on Jason Lewis show, with Goodno and Samuelson (oddly, it was Lewis against the 3 of them!)

4/1/1996         MNJOBS bill passed. We were mad.

4/1/1996         National “Stand for children”

4/13/1996       Community forum: “Today’s worker could be tomorrow’s welfare recipient”

5/1/1996         Mothers Day benefit at Riverside Café

5/1/1996         Telling people to call Clinton and demand a veto

6/1/1996         Packed Wellstone’s office. Demanded he press Clinton for a Veto. Aso demanded that the bill benefitting Hmong veterans be stand alone and not attached to an immigrant bashing bill. Don’t know date.

6/1/1996         Protest at Special Session againt new twins stadum. Don’t know date

6/1/1996         Statewide MNWRC formed.

6/4/1996         MOD/Duluth protest at St. Louis County

7/12/1996       Boycott Wisconsin campaign – against WI’s welfare reform, W-2.

7/31/1996       National day of action against federal welfare reform. WRC organized actions in 40 cities. We had a march in downtown St. Paul and duct-taped dozens of signs to Dem HQ. We were on ABC news.

8/1/1996         Hunger strike begins

8/7/1996         Hunger stike ends Aug. 7

8/22/1996       Press conference at St Paul federal building aginst Clinton signing bill

9/1/1996         Community meeting on welfare reform

9/2/1996         Letter to acting DHS commissioner John Petraborg about closed door meetings

1/7/1997         March on Capitol – Demand MN make up for federal cuts.

1/7/1997         Opening day rally.

1/28/1997       Pack the Senate hearing

2/7/1997         Pack the Senate hearing, again

2/26/1997       Capitol protest with arrests.

2/28/1997       Duluth MOD demands end to secret welfare hearings.

3/7/1997         Protest at Capitol – Give state surplus to the poor!

3/26/1997       Statewide protest

4/30/1997       Protest at “Arne’s BBQ”. Same day, also had a protest at Arne’s office as he got ready to sign bad welfare bill.

5/7/1997         Protest at Capitol – part of national day of action to undo SSI and food stamp cuts to immigrants. turn over $2.3 billion surplus to the poor

5/15/1997       Protest at HC-WO demanding education, end to sanctions, childcare, etc

6/1/1997         “Wanted posters” against Berglin and Greenfield

6/1/1997         Protest against Sen. Neuville (the white devil) in Northfield, MN

7/1/1997         Statewide day of protests against start of 5-year clock. We went to HC-WO

8/1/1997         Federal government undoes SSI cuts to most immigrants.

8/1/1997         Met with Wellstones office

8/22/1997       Hmong Community meeting

8/28/1997       Protest at St Paul Federal building to demand food $ for immigrants. Then we took a bus to the DHS building and stormed the lobby, demanding to speak to Commissioner Doth

9/11/1997       WRC celebration at Deb K’s house

9/25/1997       Met with DHS commisioner Dave Doth to demand food $ for immingrants

10/18/1997     Held a Statewide organizing training

10/24/1997     Went to special session on the Twins stadium – demanded state food money for immigrants cut off federal food stamps – We won that same day!

12/1/1997       MNWRC sends 11-page legislative proposal to all 201 legislators

12/1/1997       Started putting out MFIP-S atrocities around the state

12/19/1997     At this point, we had sent 800 postcards to Clinton

12/21/1997     Sent letters to orgs to tell them to sign on to our proposal

12/31/1997     New Year’s Eve protest at HC-WO. Last day of AFDC – Protest against MFIP-S

1/18/1998       We were on the front page, (first BIG headline) of Winona Post

1/20/1998       Opening day protest – demand to undo the cuts and stop 5-year limit

1/26/1998       Anti-Poverty Bill introduced – sponsors Sen. Sam Solon & Rep. Jaros, both of Duluth

1/30/1998       Big senate hearing on Anti-povety bill

2/10/1998       Another big hearing on Anti-Povety bill

3/1/1998         Duluth started campaign against St. Louis county abuses

3/4/1998         protest at house chambers: MFIP-S – MN families in poverty – statewide

3/7/1998         Picket at House chambers

3/19/1998       Protest at captiol: Minnesota Families in PROTEST – statewide

4/17/1998       Protest at HC-WO against county abuses of MFIP recipients

4/17/1998       Protest near last day of session

5/1/1998         A big victory of legislative session was stopping $100 cut families in subs housing and securing food $ for immigrants

5/1/1998         Statewide meeting to start documenting MFIP-S abuses around the state

5/14/1998       Forced a meeting with Dan Engstrom – Head of HC welfare

5/20/1998       Somali community meeting at Brian Coyle: Demand Daycare, ESL, education and translation.

6/6/1998         Benefit party for Black Radical Congress

6/18/1998       KWRU Freedom Bus stops in Mpls

6/19/1998       WRC and LIPOP speak at Black Radical Congress in Chicago

6/29/1998       Follow-up meeting with that lying Dan Engstrom

7/1/1998         Picket at Henn. County as Freedom bus arrived at UN

8/8/1998         MNWRC meeting written up in FB!

8/11/1998       Protest, followed by packing the Hennepin County Board meeting

9/1/1998         Met with CAFIU delegation from China

9/1/1998         Organizing in the Somali community

9/8/1998         Henn County hearing on welfare issues – they were forced to have it by our protest 3 weeks earlier

9/26/1998       Wrote angry letter to Mark Andrew, Henn County Cmmsr who turncoated on us

10/22/1998     Protest and Public testimony at Henn County board

11/6/1998       Protest at DHS (led to 12/11 meeting with Doth)

11/14/1998     Sent a nice letter to newly-elected Jesse Ventura asking to meet

11/17/1998     Duluth LIPOP goes to county board to demand a public hearing on MFIP

11/24/1998     Created the MNWRC “Platform.” Asked groups to sign on.

12/11/1998     Met with DHS commisioner Dave Doth. Put up “Wanted” posters of Doth around DHS after he refused to meet our demands.

1/1/1999         MNWRC platform – urged other groups to sign on.

1/5/1999         Opening day rally – lots of demands on that flyer.

1/12/1999       Duluth LIPOP pickets and forced county board to have a hearing on MFIP on their turf, at LIPOP

1/20/1999       Duluth community meeting on MFIP with county board and DHS reps.Forced new commissioner O’Keefe to respond in newspaper

1/20/1999       Protest at Jesse’s: Use the surplus for the poor

1/30/1999       MNWRC had SIX bills at the capitol!

3/3/1999         Realeased the results of our survey of over 200 MFIP recipients, showing MFIP is a disaster

3/5/1999         Huge “MFIP is a Disaster” hearing at Senate. Distributed dozens of stories of horrible abuses suffered by MFIP families. At least 50 people showed up from around the state

3/18/1999       Protest at Bradley’s house hearing

3/24/1999       Protest at Senate Hearing against their plan to steal welfare money

4/23/1999       Protest at capitol – MFIP is a disaster – fix it now! At protest, we spoke out strongly against Ventura’s poor-bashing remarks. Got a lot of media

5/5/1999         Protest against time limits and sanctions – part of national week of actions

5/10/1999       Protest at conference committee hearing and for a week outside chambers as politicians tried to steal from the poor.

6/18/1999       “Homelessness is a crisis” protest at HC-WO

6/19/1999       Noted that Politicians didn’t want to discuss welfare, but we forced it!

7/30/1999       Statewide meeting in Duluth

8/20/1999       Protest at Ventura’s mansion – smash the clock!

9/25/1999       Protest and march to stop the land grabs – against taking public housing on north side and against Hwy 55 taking native lands

10/4/1999       Protest against northside demolitions

10/8/1999       LIPOP protest in Duluth against DHS Commisioner Michael O’Keefe

10/13/1999     Released our survey of 60 folks living at the Drake and 410 shelters – exposing bad conditions and calling homelessness a crisis. Marched through HC govt center with bullhorn, Engstom and Huskins office

10/15/1999     Spoke at non-profits’ homelessness task force on “homelessness is a crisis.”

10/29/1999     30 people came to Huskins/engstom meeting. Gave list of 25 problems

11/2/1999       Testified at Henn County board mtg –  about homeless conditions

11/5/1999       MNWRC meeting

11/19/1999     Another protest at HC Gvt center on homeless issues, followed by mtg with Engstrom

12/3/1999       Protest at DHS – exposed O’keefe for pushing bad welfare policy at legislature

1/25/2000       Press conference and picket at Senate hearing against 100% sanction bill

2/1/2000         Protest at capitol

2/4/2000         Protest at senate hearing

2/17/2000       Follow  Goodno Day! We had a press confernce against his 100% sanction bill and then followed him all day at the capitol.

2/23/2000       Protest at house hearing. Put Goodno ‘on trial’

2/24/2000       Then, people chained themselves to Goodnos door, after a sit-in. 5 arrested. Our demand was that he drop his 100% sanction bill

3/16/2000       Picket at House chambers

3/26/2000       Picket at Minneapolis Institute of the Arts to protest their closing of Rodeway Inn overflow homess shelter

3/28/2000       Court date for Goodno door chainers.

3/29/2000       Picket at House chambers

3/30/2000       Picket and protest at Rodeway Inn, against closing overflow homeless shelter.

4/16/2000       2nd court appearance for Goodno protesters

5/1/2000         Stopped the 100% Sanctions, held off $100 cut, stopped cuts to immigrants

5/9/2000         End of conference committe press release blasting theft of TANF $ for Ethanol, judges, and other rotten things

5/17/2000       End of session. Gave the “Meanest politician of the year” award. Probably to Goodno.

5/31/2000       Linden says “Boo!” outside O’keefe lying speech. Gets arrested.

6/7/2000         Protest at HCWO – against Ventura’s lie about MFIPS being the same as the pilot project

6/30/2000       Protest against time limit – hitting in 2 years

8/22/2000       4th anniv of welfare signing – Duluth, Moorhead, Twin cities (at federal Bldg)

11/14/2000     Community forum and speakout against time limit

11/22/2000     No Thanks thanksgiving at mansion

1/1/2001         Stop the Five-Year Limit Coalition

1/3/2001         Opening day – “Stop the time limits” and sanctions. Put a Time limit on povety. 12-Foot Hammer. 5000 PAPER DOLLS.

1/3/2001         Opening day rally – “put a time limit on poverty”

2/1/2001         “Ventura-ville” cardboard box homeless village outside Ventura’s office.

2/15/2001       SF770 – A bill to REPEAL the time limit

2/26/2001       Day on the hill – lobby day and rally

3/15/2001       Protest/press conference against the “unbiased” legislative auditor report.

3/26/2001       Protest outside house hearing

3/28/2001       Packed a Senate hearing

4/4/2001         Poor Peoples Court – Put Goodno and Bradley on trial outside house hearing room

5/3/2001         Protest at capitol. Sitin at house chambers. 8 arrested. $12,000 bail each!

6/18/2001       Put up cardboard box “Republican-ville” outside House chambers

8/29/2001       Protest at Ventura’s mansion – as first 5 families (who came from other state) were going to be cut off

10/26/2001     National forum with poor-bashing guest speakers at Humphrey Institute at U of M. WRC crashes it – causes quite a stir.

11/21/2001     Forced dozens of tombstones on Ventura’s aides, after our “No Thanks” Thanksgiving

11/30/2001     Protest at Ventura’s office as more families cut off

12/8/2001       Emergency Summit against the time limit

1/1/2002         Stop the Five-Year Limit Coalition

1/29/2002       Opening day rally – for a Moratorium

1/29/2002       Opening day rally was also the day Ventura presented his budget. We wrote a statement.

3/6/2002         Packed Senate hearing on Moratorium bill.

3/21/2002       A gazillion groups signed on to the moratorium

3/22/2002       First WRC TV-Commercial – For a mortorium on the time limit!

3/26/2002       MN Reps hunger fast for day for time limit extensions!

4/9/2002         Put Abrams, Seagen and Krinkie’s faces on flyers. Went to their districts door-to door

5/12/2002       Mothers’ Day Massacre – conference committee shoots down time-limit extenstion on Mothers Day Sunday afternoon

5/22/2002       Diaper dump at Venturas – delivered 770 diapers, one by one, then bag by bag.

9/17/2002       Protest at Henn County – telling them not to cut people off.

9/19/2002       Protest at Special session for Roseau flood victims – demanded that they fix the “man-made” disaster.

11/1/2002       Protest at HCWO – telling them not to cut people off. Somehow worked in that it was a tribute to Wellstone.

12/4/2002       Picket at Nov. Forcast.

12/23/2002     Pawlenty “Serves up” budget cuts at his mansion

1/7/2003         Opening day rally.

1/27/2003       Picket at house chambers, against immigrant cuts

2/6/2003         Protest Pawlenty’s First State of the State

2/17/2003       Protest at capitol – Make the rich pay for the budget crisis (Big rally on Presidents day)

2/18/2003       Protest at Pawlenty’s Budget address AND his welfare-cutting plan

2/20/2003       Press conference against Pawlenty’s proposal, THEN a hearing in Berglin’s committee, THEN a hearing in Lourey’s committee

3/11/2003       Testified against Pawlenty’s budget in Senate

4/15/2003       Tax day protest at capitol – Stop Pawlenty’s War on Minnesota

4/30/2003       Anti-Pawlenty air campaign TV commercial. Giant map press conference.

4/30/2003       Pawlenty commercial – giant map

5/1/2003         Protest at House chambers – Vote No on HF437

5/22/2003       Put out call to action to call Hottinger and tell him not to back down!

6/5/2003         “Banner of Shame” at Governors mansion

7/1/2003         Protest $50 cut, healthcare cuts and SSI cut

7/1/2003         Protest against healthcare cuts toaking effect. Also noted a (temporary) “stay of execution” for the housing and SSI cuts

7/21/2003       Court date for “restraining order” against housing and SSI cuts

8/27/2003       Protest as $50 cut is slated to hit (at HCWO)

9/5/2003         WRC puts out “Pawlenty Lied” flyer

9/22/2003       “Make Pawleny Pay!” Delivered our bills to Gov Mansion

9/24/2003       Make pawlenty pay! Protest

11/1/2003       Asked Berglin to get us our $13 million

11/7/2003       Womens Political Alliance writes letter to legislators with WRC issues highlited

11/14/2003     WRC gives “how to make a commercial” talk at some church

11/20/2003     Infamous Pogemiller meeting at Lucky Dragon

11/26/2003     No Thanks thanksgiving at mansion

12/3/2003       Protest at November forcast

12/17/2003     Grinch Pawlenty steals disabled families’ money for Christmas

12/17/2003     Pawlenty steals disabled families’ $ for Christmas (RE the $13.4 million federal award)

2/2/2004         Opening day rally – “Make the rich pay!”

2/17/2004       Bill on corporate tax loopholes heard in Senate

2/17/2004       Unveiling SF1991: Fund human needs, not corporate greed!

3/2/2004         WRC writes resolution for precinct caucuses

3/15/2004       People’s lobby day

3/15/2004       Poor peoples lobby day

3/27/2004       Supporting the twin cities bus stikers

4/1/2004         Senate Tax committee hears our bill

4/15/2004       Tax day protest

4/28/2004       3rd TV Commercial. Played the anti-pawlenty and anti-House Republican ad outside house chambers over and over and over and over.

5/7/2004         Anti-Bradley flyer

5/19/2004       Picket at Gov’s mansion  – demanding he give in to Senate

6/8/2004         Protest at capitol, telling Senate not to back down.

6/29/2004       Protest against DWP and universal participation – slated to start 7-1-04

8/3/2004         Speakout at the mansion. We actually invited Pawlenty to it.

11/23/2004     “No thanks” thanksgiving

12/1/2004       Nov Forcast – we had a “counter” press conference

12/5/2004       WRC speaks at Human Rights Day rally

12/17/2004     Delivered a prison suit to Pawlenty for his crimes

1/4/2005         Opening day

1/9/2005         WRC speaks at Palestine protest

1/25/2005       Protest at Pawlenty’s State of the state

1/25/2005       Virgina’s big house testimony debut – with all her books and boxes

2/3/2005         Politicians’ press conference on Fund Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed bill

2/16/2005       WRC blasts Pawlenty’s budget in Senate committee

3/17/2005       Testified against the bill to say we couldn’t buy tobacco with our EBT cards

4/8/2005         Protest against Karl Rove fundraiser for Pawlenty – at Mpls convention center

4/15/2005       Giant banner (12 king size sheets) on front steps of capitol

4/18/2005       Big hearing on our bill in the senate. 4 testified, many showed up

4/20/2005       Evil house hearing on bad bill. Eliana’s first testimony (“Oh-oh!”)

4/21/2005       House hearing, Senate tax hearing, and nighttime house hearing

4/21/2005       Packed Senate tax hearing

4/21/2005       we also packed house hearing.

4/26/2005       Our bill passes Senate finance

4/29/2005       Take the target off our backs protest

5/6/2005         Full senate votes to tax the rich!

6/22/2005       Pawlenty “Give up” protest at capitol – during budget stalemate before state shutdown

9/15/2005       Trish and Linden go to Houston to report for FB! on Katrina evacuees

9/20/2005       WRC holds Katrina protest at Mpls federal bldg

10/8/2005       WRC celebration at Sabathani

11/1/2005       SSI cut “cap” put in place. WRC has commemoration at HCWO

11/30/2005     Picket at Nov. Forcast. Trish calls surplus “Blood money.”

3/2/2006         Opening Day – undo the cuts, tax the rich, Raise the grants

3/2/2006         Opening Day rally – no permit for inside, but we went in anyhow. Delivered diapers to Governor’s office

3/9/2006         Protest at Pawlenty’s State of the state

3/14/2006       Senate testimony

3/20/2006       Press conference on our bills – including a bill to “Raise the Grants!”

4/10/2006       Press conference outside House Hearing

4/10/2006       WRC takes over a house hearing – testifies 45 minutes

4/17/2006       Tax day protest outside Governor’s mansion. Delivered tax forms saying tax the rich.

4/29/2006       WRC hangs the giant banner from rotunda while politicians heard bad bills in the chambers

7/15/2006       WRC summer celebration

7/19/2006       Protest to “evict Pawlenty!” from the mansion.

8/22/2006       10th anniversary of Clinton signing welfare bill protest


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