GAAIN bill introduced. Senate Hearing on Feb. 27

GAAIN bill introduced – Senate Hearing on Feb. 27

Give Aid to All In Need! The Welfare Rights Committee’s GAAIN bill has been introduced in the MN state legislature – House File 357 and Senate File 791.

It is scheduled for a Senate hearing on
Monday, Feb. 27, at 3:00 p.m.
MN Senate Building Room 1200.

We are calling on all supporters to join us at the hearing . Due to the Trump whiplash, there are many great protests and events in the upcoming days, but this hearing is a concrete way to stand up to the billionaires’ agenda of pushing down poor and working people.

The GAAIN bill extends state-funded General Assistance to people who have NO INCOME, but can’t get any cash assistance at all. These are our families, friends and neighbors who can’t get cash from unemployment benefits, disability, welfare, or any other program, under current law. They are unemployed an looking for work. But they have no cash to live on… or even to couch surf with a bit of dignity.

Even if GAAIN passes, we declare that General Assistance in itself is not enough. It pays only $203 per month – but it is better than nothing. The Welfare Rights Committee is also looking for sponsor for our bill to more than double the welfare grants – which have not been increased since 1986.

The GAAIN bill would also give money to families who have been cut off because of the 5-year limit on MFIP (welfare for families with children). Right now, it is up the “discrimination” of individual counties to decide if families that have hit the time limit can get an extension. If not, the families – including the children – get no cash.

Passing the GAAIN would help families and individuals statewide. In greater Minnesota, the seasonal and/or boom-and-bust economy leaves many people with nothing during hard times. If we are renters, we risk losing our housing by taking in destitute family members and friends. Small towns and poor neighborhoods will directly benefit from the GAAIN bill, as residents give back to the local economy.

There is a reason that Trump won. Regular working and poor people have been feeling ripped off and ignored for a long time, by both parties. But we know that Trump, and the billionaires he speaks for, are bad for all of us. So let’s turn this ship around. Tell politicians to do something that will really help the people in need.

Pass the GAAIN bill!


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