January 3, 2017. Opening Day at the capitol… Day of Reckoning.

Tell politicians, Stop the War on the Poor!
Tuesday, January 3
12:00 noon
MN State Capitol
100 MLK Drive, by the capitol bus stop – look for our bright green signs

After a short outdoor rally, we will march in formation to every legislators’ office and deliver our messages.

On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, the politicians start back at the MN State Capitol in St. Paul. Let’s be there when they walk in the door. We are sick our people being homeless and suffering, with next to nothing to live on. Lots of us in need can’t get any help at all.  We are sick of government “Of the Rich, By the Rich and For the Rich.” The Welfare Rights Committee will push for our idea for new state laws to ,”Give Aid to All in Need. Double the Welfare Grants.”

To hell with Trump’s agenda.
The Welfare Rights Committee is ready to fight against every racist, sexist and disrespectful attack on our families. We know that some backward idiots are all hyped by Trump’s election. The Welfare Rights Committee will stand up to fiercely to each and every attack that these right wing jerks try to throw at us. This is a time of reckoning!

Fight Cuts to Poor and Working People!
Facebook event
Download the flier

flier-1-3-2017bpicture of flier for opening day 2017


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