2016: They failed. Action at the capitol May 21.

Saturday, May 21, 11 a.m.
End of session action at the capitol.
Meet at Rice St. Green Line station.

It is likely that the session won’t be ended by May 21. In place of the regular WRC meeting, we will be going office-to-office at the capitol to hand out our “money” fliers.
The politicians spent their time and money on bills that do nothing to help the poorest of the poor in MN. Join us to let them know that we will be back, spring, summer, fall and winter, until they Give Aid to All in Need!

A note to MN legislators: You failed this year. So, in 2017, Give Aid to All in Need!

The Welfare Rights Committee’s bill to Give Aid to All in Need – the GAAIN bill, SF1426/HF1533 should have passed this year.

Pass GAAIN in 2017
GAAIN expands state-funded General Assistance to cover
— adults with no income who are looking for work, and
— families who have hit the 5-year limit on welfare.

The problem:
— There are thousands of people in need who, under this state’s laws, don’t qualify for any cash assistance at all and are homeless, cashless and have to scrounge for handouts. We are sick of ourselves, our  friends and our families suffering with nothing!
— Now, Minnesotans can only get General Assistance ($203/mo) if we can prove a disability and have no children.
— Childless adults can only get SNAP (food stamps) for 3 months in a 3 year period.
— The 5-year limit on welfare hits whole families.
— There are people ashamed to admit a disability and won’t even try for General Assistance, so…

Take a burden off of low & middle-income families.
— We are losing our rental housing by taking in our homeless, cashless, friends and family.
— Our friends, family (or we ourselves) need help, but can’t even get started…because there is no cash help to provide stability.

You know this is a problem that affects people statewide.
Make passing the GAAIN bill a priority in 2017.


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