What about the poor? Hear the GAAIN bill.

Join WRC members on Monday, April 11, 11:45 a.m., outside the hearing room at 1200 MSB. Call or text 612-822-8020 to check if the Senators have changed the room or the time.

Since the session began, legislators have been hearing many bills that will help certain sectors of professionals who are trying to “fix us”. For example, on April 11, the Senate Finance Sub-committee on Equity will be hearing a slew of bills that will benefit the non-profit industry. But none of those bills give poor people what we need now: Cash to survive on. The GAAIN (Give Aid to All in Need) bill – Senate File 1426/House File 1533 – addresses extreme poverty statewide (urban and rural). When you have nothing, you are shut out of almost everything. The especially affects communities of color – because of historic economic disparities, our families, neighbors and friends don’t have the wealth to sustain the very poor without endangering themselves.

Low-income people need actual cash help now. We don’t need yet another list of programs that make liberals feel good about themselves. The proposed programs (while they might help a few of us) would mostly help well-off professionals. We say, Pass the GAAIN bill. Double the MFIP & GA grants. The GAAIN bill will give the most unfortunate some “breathing space” so people can start a meaningful hunt for housing and jobs…and to begin to have a hope to access the programs proposed on the list of bills being heard at the capitol.

Double the grants! MFIP and GA grants haven’t had true cost-of-living increase in 30 years. Support the bill to Double the Grants: SF432/HF58.  After WRC proposed doubling the grants 3 years ago, the governor and some legislators are finally taking baby steps towardds this. But both the GA and MFIP grants should be doubled, this year, with cost of living increases built into the future.

Give Aid to All in Need. Double the Grants!


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