Opening Day Action March 8

Opening Day, March 8  -12:00 noon
Give Aid to All in Need
Gather at University and Rice Street – Green Line station
Followed by an indoor march through the capitol buildings.

March 8 is the opening day of the 2016 legislative session. It is also Intentional Women’s Day – celebrate the day by standing for justice for women and families.

We are sick of our people homeless and suffering with nothing. Lots of us in need can’t get any help at all.

The Welfare Rights Committee’s bill to Give Aid to All in Need (the GAAIN bill, SF1426 & HF1533, sponsored by Senator Chris Eaton and Representative Susan Allen) tells the state to give cash grants to people who have no income and are looking for work. This is much needed for families who have hit the 5-year limit and people whose unemployment has run out. The state is sitting on a $900-plus MILLION dollar surplus. That surplus was built on the backs of poor and working people. Give it back!
On Tuesday, March 8, we will gather at the Green Line station and then go deliver creative messages to the offices of all the legislators in the State Office Building and the new Minnesota Senate Building.

If you arrive after noon, text 612-822-8020 to find out where we are!

FFI: Welfare Rights Committee, 612-822-8020. Facebook Welfare Rights Committee.

File: Full-page flier
File: quarter-page fliers

Sign on to the GAAIN campaign!


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