Special session…cuz of walleye?

Call politicians to say “Bail out the poor, instead!”

Governor Dayton is talking about calling a special session to bail out lakeshore business owners on Lake Mille Lacs…because walleye fishing on this one lake is ending early. Seriously.

Call these legislative leaders.
Governor Mark Dayton: 651-201-3400
Senate leader Tom Bakk: 651-296-8881
House leader Kurt Daubt: 651-296-5364
Tell them, “There should be a special session on giving money to the poorest of the poor in this state, not bailing out business owners. Thousands are homeless. Welfare grants have not seen an across-the-board increase since 1986. Many people in need can’t get any help at all.”

If you can’t call Monday, that’s OK. Call later in the week. Please post your call results on our Facebook event page!

Dayton and legislative leaders are ordering in all legislators from around the state of MN – 201 of them – to talk about giving zero-interest loans and tax breaks to business owners, claiming they will “suffer” because the walleye fishing season is ending early on one lake.

This is an insult to those of us who have been fighting at the capitol for basic survival needs for years. Over 70,000 kids live in extreme poverty. Tens of thousands are basically homeless. The last across-the-board welfare grant increase was in 1986 (29 years ago). Dayton and his legislative cronies have been giving handouts to big business for years, but many of us who have nothing can’t get any cash help at all. We say, “Give Aid to ALL in Need!

“Let them eat Northern Pike!” Post your results and comments.
AFTER you make your 3 calls about the serious economic injustice that these politicians are dumping on us, please report your results to our Facebook page (which will be up soon). Make fun of the politicians, too: “Let them eat pike…Something fishy at the capitol…Bail out our boat, not big business’…Free housing at state-subsidized resorts…Don’t leave us on the hook…You have 9,999 other lakes…” It’s hard to stop.


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