GAAIN – Give Aid to All In Need campaign

Give Aid to ALL in Need campaign — GAAIN
Demand Aid for ALL in need

Lots of us can’t get any help at all. Here’s just some of the problems:
— Time limit on MFIP
— Unemployment has run out.
— Food stamps cut off.
— Being Homeless, or taking care of our homeless friends and family members.
We are sick of the economic abuse! We have been paying taxes for years so we could have help when we need it. But the politicians stole our money.
Give Aid to All in Need!

How to join the fight:

Tell your story:
The politicians have no idea what our lives are like. Contact WRC as we collect stories about how this system has failed us, our family members or friends. We are collecting stories in writing, in audio and on video.

Add your name to the postcard campaign:
We will send hundreds of postcards to different politicians. Circle the box on the petition so we can send postcards in  your name or call our office to sign up. Or go to our online petition

Come to a WRC meeting
We meet every other Saturday.
Next meeting is our
Pancake Breakfast fundraiser Aug 15. FREE for new WRC members
Future meetings Aug. 29 & Sept. 12.
4200 Cedar Ave S, in Minneapolis
Free rides, childcare and food at every meeting


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