2015 legislative wrap up

We WON a $110 grant increase for some — BUT, we need MORE.
Give aid to ALL in need!

Many of us will get an extra $110 per month, starting July 1st, because of the Welfare Rights Committee’s fight in 2013. It is a shame we had to wait so long, but this our victory!
Back in 2013, politicians were too chicken to even use the words “raise the welfare grants,” so they passed this “housing allowance.” And they only gave it to families who were not in subsidized housing. While this is a victory, it is definitely not enough!
This year, the Welfare Rights Committee had a bill to “Double the Grants” for EVERYONE – on top of the $110 housing allowance. The cost of living has more than doubled since 1986, so we said the grant increase pas PAST DUE. For the first time, many legislators, the governor, the newspapers and agencies were taking up our call to “Raise the Welfare Grants!”
But at the end of session, the politicians didn’t do it. They ended the session with over a billion dollars of surplus money just sitting there, while many of our families have nothing.
This is a crime of stealing from the poor, again.

What we fought for:
Double the MFIP grants for all – it’s PAST DUE!
TANF money for TANF families
End the time limit on welfare
Give Aid to all in need

What we got:
$110 increase for some starting July 2015
The TANF Task force to find out how the TANF money is being misused by the state
An end to the Family Cap
A bill written and introduced to Give Aid to All in Need – ready to fight for next session


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