Starting April 15: Contact Sen. Lourey to say ‘Double the Grants.’

Call Sen. Lourey now! Double the Welfare Grants.

Please contact State Senator Tony Lourey.
Say, “Please double the welfare grants in your finance bill.”
Phone: 651-296-0293

Very soon, State Senator Tony Lourey, the chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Budget Division will be putting together his omnibus finance bill. Three weeks ago (March 25), our bill to double the MFIP (welfare for families with children) grants was passed for possible inclusion into the omnibus bill.”

Please contact Sen. Lourey and ask him to include our bill – Senate File 432 – to DOUBLE the welfare grants THIS YEAR in his finance bill.

We need action THIS YEAR. While we support the other proposal to increase the grants by a flat $100 per month in July 2016, but that is too little and too late. The cost of living has increased 113% since 1986. The welfare grants should be more than doubled, NOW.

The Welfare Rights Committee has been fighting to double the welfare grants since 2012. Finally, this year, the governor and some legislators are seriously considering a small increase. But we need more. The state is sitting on a huge surplus. That surplus was built on our backs. 29 years without a grant increase is shameful. Double the grants now!

For more information, see or call 612-822-8020.


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