Bills to ‘Double the Grants’ introduced Feb. 2 & 5

On Feb. 2, Senator Chris Eaton (D-Brooklyn Park) introduced SF432, a bill to DOUBLE the welfare grants in the state on MN. Rep. Carolyn Laine (D-Columbia Heights) introduced the companion bill, HF585 on Feb. 5.

The bills double the cash portion of the MFIP and General Assistance grants. Those grants have not been increased since 1986 (29 years ago). Under the WRC proposal, a the cash grant for a family of three would increase from $532 per month to $1064 per month. GA grants would go from $203 to $406. The Welfare Rights Committee has had bills to double the grants for the past few years.

There will be other bills that call for smaller increases (like $100 per month), coming out of the TANF Task Force. The Welfare Rights Committee was part of that the Task Force, but we knew we would never agree with the final recommendations.

The cost of living has more than doubled since 1986. So, at the very least, MFIP and GA grants should be doubled now. Justice is Past Due.


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