Past Due notice

Past due stamp only2It’s 2015. The time is past due to…

Double welfare grants
End the 5-year limit
Give Aid to All in Need


— Welfare grants have not gone up in 29 years.
— In 1986 the cash welfare grant for a family of three was $532 per month. In 2015, it’s still $532.
— General Assistance grants were $203 1986; they are still $203 per month.
— 70,000 MN kids live in Extreme Poverty because the welfare (MFIP) cash grants are so low.
— The cost of living has doubled since 1986.
— Lots of people in need can’t get any help at all.

When we fight back, we can win. On Jan. 1, thousands of families got an increase in the MFIP grant! Our victory in undoing the Family Cap will help families where the grant didn’t go up when a new baby was born. For years we have been fighting at the capitol to undo the Family Cap, and we won. So join us now. Come to meeting or give us a call to find out about our next event at the capitol.

Past due outreach flier Jan 2015Click to see full flier



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