Opening Day Action – Jan. 6, 2015

Opening Day at the Capitol
Tuesday, Jan. 6
11:30 a.m.
Starting across from the Capitol steps,
then moving inside to deliver our messages

The Welfare Rights Committee is inviting you our annual tradition at the state capitol  – the Opening Day Protest, on Tuesday January 6, 2015 starting at 11:30 a.m.  – just as the politicians start their session for the year.

We will demand the politicians and the governor stop their inaction and start helping families and children out of extreme poverty.

This year we will fight to increase the grants and to “Give Aid to All in Need.” Welfare grants have not been increased since 1986. Many of us can’t get any help at all.

WRC and our supporters have been fighting back the attacks on welfare and on our families for over 20 years. No matter which party is in power, they never put the poor families first. Together we will change the tide so our families can come first and thrive.

We will gathering on the Upper Mall of the capitol grounds, then we will go inside and hand out “Past Due” notices to the politicians. So come and stand with us because when we stand together, we stand strong and united and will win!

Need more information? Want to help and volunteer? Please call or text 612-822-8020.

Since 1986, the welfare grants have not been raised. A family of 2 received $437/ month in 1986 and still receives $437/ month in 2014. A disabled person on GA still gets only $203/month. Since 1986, the cost of living has doubled. Kids on MFIP, over 70,0000 children – live in extreme poverty. Thousands in need can’t qualify for anything. Enough is enough – raise the grants now! Give aid to ALL in need, now.

See YOU at the Capitol!


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