Protest State of the State April 30 – evening

Protest Governor Dayton’s State of the State address
Politicians are still stealing from poor kids, giving tax breaks to the rich.

Stand with WRC and fight back!
Wednesday, April 30
6 pm to 7 pm
State Capitol
outside the House Chambers – 2nd floor
75 Rev. MLK Blvd, St. Paul

On April 30th, Governor Dayton gives his the State of the State address to MN Legislature. The Welfare Rights Committee will be there to tell him how the state is really doing. He will try to give a rosy picture of the state, but we know the ‘real state of the state’ is horrible for the poor and working families.

This year the state had a surplus. The governor and legislators had a chance to raise the welfare grants to help get 70,000 kids out of EXTREME poverty, but they refused. Instead they gave tax breaks, mostly to corporations and the well-to-do.

The welfare grants have not raised since 1986, which means MFIP families with children have been living over 60% below the federal poverty line – in EXTREME poverty – for 28 years now.

Update – April 2014: We fought for the return of TANF funding but it was not considered this session. This is a criminal act on the part of the Minnesota politicians, because it means more theft from poor kids. Undoing the “Family Cap” was set to start in 2015, therefore, we are doing our best to move it to July, 2014. We wrote a bill and testified in front of the legislature about the Family Cap and we are fighting to get the Family Cap repealed this year. We are also fighting to raise the grants in other ways. But instead of using the budget surplus to help the poor, the politicians are giving more tax breaks for the RICH.

We will be outside the House Chambers, where Gov. Dayton will present his State of the State address to the House and Senate. We will show how not helping 70,000 children out of poverty will look. Please come join us and help us hold a tombstone. One tombstone for every year the politicians refuse to raise the welfare grants. They don’t care if our kids live or die.


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