Our bills introduced to Raise the Grants in 2014

Our bills were introduced on Opening Day – Feb. 25, 2014! Please contact your legislators and ask them to support our bill to “Increase the welfare grants in 2014.”  The Senate bill is SF1693. The House bill is HF2191.

Here is what you could say:
It’s been 28 years…Raise the MFIP grants now. 70,000 MN kids live in EXTREME poverty. This is not an accident. It is a failure to act.
Welfare (MFIP) cash grants for the poorest families have not been increased since 1986 – 28 years ago. The cost of living has doubled since 1986. The monthly cash grant for a family of two is $437 per month – not enough to pay rent for legal housing in most towns (much less other needs).
The annual federal TANF block grant should be used 100% for poor families’ grants – but most of it is being siphoned off for other things.
This extreme poverty has a devastating effect on children, who are the majority of MFIP recipients.
Do the right thing. Raise the grants.  Support the bills to increase MFIP grants in 2014. Senate File 1693 and House File 2191.”

Download the flier!
To check on the status go to the MN Senate bill page or the MN House bill page.


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