Jan. 29 Call-in day + Action at Gov. Dayton’s

1. Special call-in Day to Governor Dayton

Wednesday, Jan. 29
The day that we deliver hundreds of postcards to the governor’s office
Call Governor Mark Dayton:
Call in the morning if you can!
Tell him:
— 70,000 Minnesota kids live in “extreme poverty,” because welfare grants haven’t been increased since 1986 – 28 years ago!
— Use the budget surplus to pay back the money taken from TANF (“tan-ef”) over the years.
— Use TANF money for TANF families: Raise the grants NOW.

2. Postcard delivery to governor – Jan. 29

Empty plates at the governor’s office to demand:
Dayton, serve up the surplus! Take action for poor women and families!

Join us!
Wednesday, Jan. 29
8:45 a.m.
Governor’s office in the State Capitol

Wednesday, January 29 the Welfare Rights Committee (WRC) will have a press conference in front of Governor Mark Dayton’s office. Dayton will be presented with close to 900 postcards, served up on paper plates, demanding that he take action to increase the welfare grants in 2014.

For too long the poorest families have paid for budget shortfalls. Now there is a surplus, and it should go the poorest of the poor. Currently there are over 70,000 Minnesota children living in EXTREME poverty, because grants for families on MFIP (Minnesota’s welfare program) have not been increased since 1986…28 years ago.

The WRC will be there to say, “Dayton, serve up the surplus to those who need it most.” WRC is putting forward a bill that would provide for immediate increases in MFIP payments. The bill would move up the start-date of our housing allowance and family cap repeal that passed last session. It also puts federal TANF funds back into the pool for TANF families – instead of the current practice of TANF being used for the General Fund or other programs generally focused on the poor that were once paid for by the state.


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