Feb. 25 Opening Day protest

Opening Day Protest
Tuesday, Feb. 25
12:00 noon
MN State Capitol

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On Opening Day, tell MN legislators…
— Raise the Welfare Grants
— No more cuts
— Tax the rich
— Quit stealing poor kids’ money

February 25, 2014 is the day the MN politicians start back at the capitol.The Welfare Rights Committee is fighting for our bill to become law this year. We call for…
1. Making our 2013 victory of a $110 per month housing allowance go into effect NOW. We can’t wait until Oct. 2015!
2. Making our Family Cap victory happen NOW, not 2015. Don’t punish babies for being born!
3. TANF money for TANF families! Stop stealing federal TANF $ to pay for things that state $ should be paying for. Use all TANF $ to Raise the Grants now!

OpDay 2-25-2014


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