12 Days of Poverty: Action Dec. 18

“12 Days of Poverty” protest at Governor’s Mansion
Wednesday, Dec. 18
12:00 noon
Governor Dayton’s mansion
1006 Summit Ave, St. Paul

— Tell Governor Dayton what 27 years without a grant increase means for poor kids in MN.
— Give the Budget Surplus to the poor!

Click for flier!
Facebook event.
Governor Dayton and the politicians have continually chosen to keep our families and children in extreme poverty instead of raising the MFIP (MN Family Investment Plan) grants

Since 1986, the MFIP grants have not been raised. Families have been receiving the same monthly amount for 27 years. A Family of 2 received $437/ month in 1986 and still receives $437/ month in 2013.

Since 1986, the cost of living has doubled, workers have gotten raises, and social security benefits have gotten raises while families receiving assistance have not! This is criminal!

Please join us to send a message to the Governor that our families need an increase now!


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