Stop Food Stamp cuts!

Click here to add your name to our growing stack of postcards to politicians in Washington D.C.

Make these calls

Senator Amy Klobuchar: 612-727-5220
Call Senator Al Franken: 651-221-1016

pictures of Franken and Klobuchar

Click for flier

You could say…
“My name is _______ and I am calling from ________, MN. I want you to reject the Food Stamp, or SNAP, cuts that passed the House of Representatives in September. The food help is already too little.
For one thing, Minnesota’s welfare cash grants for poor families have not gone up since 1986. That is 27 years ago! Meanwhile, the cost of living has doubled since 1986. Also, in Minnesota, most poor, unemployed homeless adults don’t get any cash assistance at all. But Congress passed a move to make it even harder for people to get SNAP. Most of us are still in an economic crisis. The cuts that the House wants are inhumane.
Please speak out against these cuts and fight for more food stamps for the poor.”


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