DFL-ville action: Monday, April 15

DFL-ville action:
Monday, April 15
12 noon to 1 pm
MN State Capitol

DFL brings more homelessness, hunger & poverty to Minnesota!
DEMAND:Raise the Welfare Grants!
Stops Cuts to Poor and Working People

Join the Welfare Rights Committee and others in constructing a “Democrat-ville” — a homeless village to show how terrible these cuts have been under the Republicans and how bad they will continue to be under the Democrats’ budget proposals. If you can, bring large cardboard boxes, tarps, blankets and especially, children’s clothes, toys and blankets for the Democrat-ville homeless village.

Raise the Welfare Grants!
We call on MN politicians to end extreme poverty for 70,000 Minnesota’s children now. IT CAN BE DONE, if they pass HF433 and SF165, which increase the MFIP (welfare) cash grants in MN for the first time in 27 years!

Stop Cuts to Poor and Working People!
In the years when the Republicans ruled, they tried to slash public programs and repress our rights. Now the Democrats are in control. Instead of doing the right thing, their current budget targets show that they have turned their backs on the poor, elderly and people with disabilities.


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