1. Antoinette Frye

    I agree the grant for Minnesota’s recipients needs to be changed from 26 years ago. This will make more families self-sufficient!!!!

  2. Rick Jacobs

    Reminds me when things crashed in ’08 some suburbanites applied for welfare assistance and were shocked how little was offered. The right makes people think a welfare grant is thousands of dollars.

  3. Ted Hinnenkamp

    The Democratic Party president, Bill Clinton, signing off on the draconian welfare reform legislation, ending entitlement to Aid to Families With Dependent Children, was nothing short of criminal. Then in 2003, DFL State Senate leader, John Hottinger, capitulating in the middle of the night to the right wings legislation shredding the Minnesota safety net, was and continues to be maddening in it’s day to day impact on children.

    The TANF block grant money being used for anything other than aid to families with dependent children can easily stop on Tuesday February 25th because the DFL party has control of the Senate, House and Executive offices.

    Now is the time for the DFL to atone for the 2003 late night Hottilnger capitulation and restore all of the 2003 safety net cuts. The money is there using the full TANF block grant.

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