Raise the Welfare Grants Now!

Click to add your name to the Raise the Welfare Grants campaign!

Welfare grants for families have not been increased since 1986 – 26 years ago.

If Minnesota’s welfare grants kept up with inflation, MFIP (MN’s welfare program for families) grants would be DOUBLE what they are now, according to the government’s own Consumer Price Index calculator.

In 1986, a family of 2 got $437 to live on. In 2012, a family of two still gets $437. This is a crime against families and children. That means, for the past 26 years, MN politicians decided to sentence children to poverty and homelessness.

The money is there — in 2011 only 28% of the federal dollars given to Minnesota for welfare went directly to poor MN families in cash grants.

The Welfare Rights Committee intends to fight for a grant increase by initiating and fighting for legislation to raise the grants in 2013!


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