Call Gov. Dayton: August 15 – 17, 2012

Flood Governor Dayton’s Office with calls this week!
Demand Action to Raise the Welfare Grants!

Call Governor Dayton
Wed-Fri, August 15th-17th

1) Demand he take action to Raise the Welfare Grants (have not been increased since 1986).
2) Demand he Meet with Welfare Rights Committee to discuss a grant increase.

Background info:

On August 9th, WRC protested at the Governor’s office and requested a meeting.  We were guaranteed by his assistant chief of staff, Adam that the scheduler would call us to set a meeting by the beginning of this week. At this point, his office has not called to arrange a meeting.

In Minnesota, welfare grants have not gone up at all since 1986. Not one dime of increase in twenty six years!  Yet housing, food and all other costs have skyrocketed in the past 26 years.  If Minnesota’s welfare grants had kept up with inflation, MFIP (MN’s welfare program for families) grants would be double what they are now. In 1986, a family of 2 got $437 to live on. In 2012, a family of two still gets $437.
Governor Dayton campaigned for office under the banner of ‘tax the rich.’  That did not happen.  In fact, he was a huge player in making sure that billionaire Ziggy Wilpf got his stadium pushed through the legislative session.  We demand that Dayton take real steps to address the needs of the poor in our state.  Our communities are facing high unemployment, extreme shortage of decent jobs, over-priced housing.  Families cannot live on $437 a month.
We are in the greatest economic crisis since the great depression, and the need for a public assistance program that keeps families afloat is needed now more than ever.  As layoffs continue and unemployment runs out, more and more families are needing welfare.  No one should have to make devastating choices between keeping food on the table or keeping a roof over our heads.

The Welfare Rights Committee is carrying out a campaign to Increase the Welfare Grants.  FFI:  or find us on facebook.


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