Occupy the Capitol Rally – January 24, 2012

flier for opening day rally

Join us at the capitol on the first day of the 2012 Legislative Session to unite and fight against any attacks or cuts the politicians want to bring forward.
Last year, politicians again tried to hold us responsible for their crisis and budget deficits created by Wall Street and its allies. Rather than tax the wealthy, they told us that the only solution is to enact cuts to poor and working people. They tried to make real deep cuts to health and human service programs. But, by fighting back, we stopped some of the worst bills from becoming law, we stopped not getting cash with our EBT cards, we stopped a $200 per month cut in MFIP to families with a person on SSI and we stopped the total elimination of General Assistance.
But, the politicians made big cuts to education, health care and Emergency Assistance. Worst of all was the huge attacks on people with disabilities.
We need you! United, We can make a difference. The politicians need to see the faces of the people they attack.
This year, they tell us that there is a surplus. We ask, where did this surplus come from? While politicians have helped the rich to amass more and more wealth, they’ve consistently taken away from the poor, including people of color, single mothers, people with disabilities, public school students, immigrants and many others. They attack gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, queer community by passing a constitutional amendment to restricting the definition of marriage. While they celebrate the surplus, we struggle, as we have for years, with immoral welfare time limits, foreclosures and evictions, underemployment, public school closures, police harassment, and many other hardships – all in one of the most racially unequal states in the country.
We say, give back the surplus you took from poor and working people! Tax the rich! Stop the Cuts! Give us the living wage jobs or income we need to care for our loved ones!


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