Call Dayton April 18-20, 2011: Demand a Veto!

CALL-IN DAYs to Governor Dayton
Raise your Voice starting on TAX Day 2011:
Monday April 18- April 20
Call 651-201-3400

Call on Dayton to VETO ALL cuts to working and poor Minnesotans!
MAKE the RICH PAY for the Deficit!

Demand that Governor Dayton:
— Veto the elimination of General Assistance
— Veto all cuts to welfare (SSI penalty, emergency assistance cuts, etc)
–Veto all cuts to health care!  Veto the elimination of the Medical Assistance Program. Veto cuts to MN Care
— Veto the layoffs & attacks on labor unions and workers
— Veto the anti-immigrant bills
— Veto cuts to programs for people with disabilities
— Veto cuts to education

FFI:  612-822-8020


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